The tarot has begun when it is a set of cards that is mainly used for playing. Around the world, there are various playing cards that are made and many people make it also as their past time. In many countries, you can see that most houses have their own cards especially in the provinces where it is their main past time. It started as playing cards but it was also used for the use in divination. It has two form that is cartomancy and tarotology.

When it has started in Europe, they also play it a game. There is a time that it is widely played in the whole continent with some exceptions. They use the cards for the purpose of entertainment and there are variations that have been made to the cards I some parts. This card game has taken root in France and also Italy that they now use it for the sake of divination purposes. You can find many places that people could go there if they want it.

In other countries, they still play it as a game. They have also their own local version of a game that uses the same card but with different rules. That is why many are entertained by it because they vary. But sadly, in some countries, they use it as a form of gambling. They can lose amounts of money. It can be small if they just play in their neighborhood but it can get bigger in casinos.